Programme for Personal Development & Self-Knowledge

for Adults

Programme Dates

May to July and a New Cycle from September to December Greek-speaking Group:
The Group is running on Saturdays and it welcomes more members

Event Programme

Greek-speaking Group:
Saturdays - 18:00 - 19:45


Parnithos 3, Office 201 Aglantzia 2102 Nicosia


A new cycle is starting for the programme “Personal Development and Self-Knowledge for Adults”.  The Programme for Personal Development and Self-Knowledge addresses all those who are interested in getting to know themselves better, continuing the “journey” for self-realisation/self-fulfilment having as a goal, the continuous improvement and further development of their entire psychological world, their abilities and skills, thus giving themselves the opportunity to function to the maximum of their capabilities.

Group size: 8 to 12 people

Programme Goals

The Personal Development and Self-Knowledge Program is a “meeting” of people during which participants take the opportunity to share thoughts, feelings, beliefs, prejudices and experiences amongst themselves as well as with the facilitator-coordinator of the group. The Programme revolves around two inextricably linked axes: self-knowledge and interpersonal relationships. 

Basic Pillars of the Axis of Self-Awareness

  • Who am I?
  • How would I like to be?
  • How do I behave toward others?
  • How do others behave towards me?

You may read more information about how this Programme on its webpage.


Basic Cycle of Meetings

Participation in the Basic Cycle of this Programme has a total duration of 3 months


Participation Cost

€15 Individuals and €25 Couples

Spoken Language

Greek & English

Registrations accepted until:

If the maximum number of the 12 group members has not been reached upon initial enrollment date, then the Groups shall remain open for the next two weeks to accept more members. New groups are composed upon request during each programme cycle. New participations are accepted throughout the period of each running cycle, provided there are available places per group.


Gabriella Philippou

Office 201 | Parnithos 3 Aglantzia | 2102 Nicosia | Cyprus | +357 99342225

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