Support Group for Grief, Mourning and Loss

Undoubtedly, the death of someone we love changes our lives forever. The period, which preceded the death as well as that which followed it, is a long and painful journey characterised by grief and mourning.  Grief is what we think and feel on the inside, after someone we love dies, while mourning is the outward expression of those thoughts and feelings.  We all grieve when someone we love dies, but if we are to heal, we must also mourn.

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Eating Disorders Support Group

The Eating Disorders Support Group is specifically designed for individuals who struggle with eating disorders: Anorexia, Bulimia and Binge Eating. It should be pointed out that family and friends are welcome to participate as they thus take up a more active role in the struggle of their loved one.

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Support Group for Drug, Alcohol & Smoking Addiction

The Drug, Alcohol and Smoking Addiction Support Groups focus on empowerment based on motivational enhancement therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy.  They are specifically designed for addicts at all stages of recovery to get together to discuss their experiences, coping strategies and personal sources of hope.

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How To Help Our Children To Believe In Themselves

Parents themselves play a protagonistic role in the building of their children’s self-esteem.  Therefore, how should the parents’ behaviour towards their children be so that their offspring will acquire healthy self-esteem which will shield them against the challenges of life. 

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My Pet And I

An experimental workshop for children and their pets that will encourage them to talk more about the relationship with their pets and other things.

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